About Me

For years and years, I struggled with how to lose weight. I had very low self-confidence, low energy levels, and an unhealthy relationship with food, constantly binge eating and yo-yo dieting.

I decided to study nutrition and fitness instructing in the hope of understanding where I was going wrong. I wanted to learn how to build an overall healthy lifestyle, so I could feel happy and confident, lose weight, and keep it off, for good.

Through studying, going on my own health and fitness journey and now with the experience of working with many different clients, I've learnt how to coach people to lose weight, increase energy levels, no longer yo yo diet or binge eat, improve their mindset, confidence, their relationship with food and so much more.

I believe learning how to be in control of your health and fitness leads you to feel more in control of many other aspects of your life too. And ultimately, this is what I want people to achieve. A happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle which is sustainable and helps you to get the most out of life, so you can be the best version of you.

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